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Creating a Bounding Ellipsoid

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Just wondering if anyone has any good methods or links to a discussions about creating and using bounding ellipsoids. I''m thinking about trying to implement them for collision detection after reading a nice paper, by Paul Nettle, about their use for collision. However, I''m curious as to a good method for creating the ellipsoid itself so that it tightly bounds my objects. It may just be that it''s late and I''m too tired to think straight, but it seems a bit more complex than defining a bounding sphere, since you can''t just compare all distances from the center and find the largest one, right? Also, it seems like the would be a lot of situations where the ideal center of your bounding ellipsoid isn''t the same as the center of your object...which is true with sphere as well. But again, it seems more complicated in this case. Actually...just thinking aloud...I suppose one method that might work would be to find the length, width, and height of our object and then scale the vertices belonging to it to make it a perfect cube. From there you could a good bounding sphere and then scale it back out using the ratio of length, width, and height you found before. Would that work? In any case...I''d love to hear anything you guys might have to say about the matter -John

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>> I think that your idea of scaling the vertices in a cube is pretty neat. Go for it!<<

Thanks, I''ll give it a go I gotta get some other stuff outta the way first though, but if it works, I''ll try to report my findings back up here

Anyone else have any ideas that might work better than this?


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