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ds&ddutil.h and memleaks

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It seems that dsutil.h and ddutil.h has some memleaks in them. I noticed that everytime i ran my program about 10mb of memory was usedup after i had exited, and if i restarted the program a few times the computer would hang. So i started to investigate. After i had commented out all sounds and images the program ran without any memleaks. I am using ddutil.h and dsutil.h to load images and sounds. So i tried to load a 10mb wav file in the PlaySound example that comes with the 8.1sdk. It dident generate any memleak. So i tried to use the directx appwizard to create a new directx program with dsound. If i loaded a 10mb wav file in that project it generated the same memleak. This is kinda strange i think. I haven't tested any further with ddutil.h. Anyone else noticed this and know how to fix it? This is how i delete my sounds and soundmanager:
#define SAFE_DELETE(p)  { if(p) { delete (p);     (p)=NULL; } }

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