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X Files

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I''ve looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to this... someone please help. I create a simple cube in 3DStudioMax R3, and apply a material to it. Now, I export it to an xfile format. So, I load that in my scene but it doesn''t look anything like the way it did in 3D Studio. I know the x file does not contain the texture itself, but I''ve looked at the xfile contents, and it doesn''t even contain a reference to the texture. Furthermore, even if it did, where would I find the texture used when I applied the material in 3DStudioMax.. or is the material not a texture? Going crazy... anyone able to help?

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When you load the X file, you also have to load the materials and textures. You''ll find references to the textures (the file names) inside the X file, so you have to load them as usual.

However, if your X file doesn''t contain the texture''s filenames, make sure your exporter is working right, and you are using the right options. I suppose you are using the plug-in that comes with the DirectX SDK. I''ve had problems with that one. I suggest you to use the old conv3ds utility if it''s a simple mesh (like a cube).

You will also find more exporters and plug-ins in Internet, just search for them.

If you need more info in loading X files, look at the sample programs in the SDK, and search for tutorials in Internet.
I recommend you this one by Andy Pike, look how he loads the materials and textures:


Good luck!

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