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DOS graphics

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im interested in creating a dos-based, graphical game (for instance, LucasArt classics such as monkey island, sma and max, and indiana jones)... I have the entire game basically planned out with some variables and classes drawn out, but i do not know how to make it graphical... all i know is that there are about 3-4 layers (foreground, middleground, background, sky) and that sprites can change layers as they pass certain boundaries, which can also help them change maps... I am not interested in scrolling maps tho... i dont want to complicate myself too much... anyway heres what i really need: a tutorial, website, or example to show me HOW to do 2D adventure-type games in DOS... i tried DirectX''s DirectDraw, but i still cant seem to understand... all i get are the concepts, but not the code... anyway, can anybody help me? BTW, i have NO experience in graphical games BUT i have completed every example, every quiz, and read every chapter in the "Learn C++ in 21 Days" book

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OMG, you don''t know all the DirectX code and then want to switch back to DOS. STOP!!! Noone here(Except a few) know all or some of the DirectDraw stuff. It''s alot of code wich you mostly write once or twice(You''ll write your own Wrapper). I know some of the basic DirectDraw code but not all. So, get back into DirectDraw and make yourself a procedural wrapper(Just a header file with all the functions you''ve learned/written so far). I choose this path too and coverted it later into a class. But remember, NEVER TRY TO LEARN ALL DIRECTDRAW CODE. It''s almost impossible!

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