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Great Milenko

New to linux programming

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ok I''ve done a lot in win9x and dos... now I want to start programming(games mostly) in linux... I can get simple programs to run... but how do you do graphics sound networking ect? is there a good site for this(preferable) books ect? Great Milenko

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If you already know C then I just have to recommend "Beginning Linux
Programming (2nd Ed.)" by Stones and Matthew; Wrox Press. It teaches you
all sorts of stuff like how to program threads, network packets, X and
device drivers and loads more. It assumes you know C, but also teaches you
BASH scripting, Tcl/Tk, Perl and HTML. The book''s well written, easy to
follow and packed with examples. It''s also technical enough to use as a
reference for more experienced Linux programmers. So there.

There''s also a Sams Teach Yourself Linux Programming book, but it''s less
than half the page count of S&M2 () and isn''t much cheaper.

As for graphics and sound, a combination of SDL and OpenAL works really
well I believe. OpenAL''s at www.openal.org, and SDL''s lurking out there
somewhere - try Googling for it.

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What you want to do is to get the Mesa/Glut libraries and use them for graphics as for sound, I think OSS has their libraries available to hardcode sound functions in your programs and networking, all you need is your witts...

Anyhow, MESA & Glut are the ones that I uses for my graphical apps like mini games and stuff like that. They are the ones that resembles DX the most..

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SDL is a good low level cross-platform library. It has 2D-graphics, sound, threads, CD-ROM. The newer version has OpenGL hooks.

It''s at http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/index.html

As for network programming, a good book is UNIX Network Programming, by W. Richard Stevens. But you probably don''t need anything that comprehensive to write games... (but it''s a good book to keep around in my opinion)

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