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Games based upon a current form of media...

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This came to mind after reading all the stuff generated by my DBZ topic. How do you as a individual consider the quality of games based upon current forms of media (movies, previous games, comics, etc.) Personally, I think that it''s getting better. I am really looking forward toward the new Robotech game and Shenmue II. However, the recent Final Fantasy titles have been going down in quality. While I do look forward to the FFT sequel on GBA I shudder to think they will destroy what I''ve come to enjoy just to make some more money. Many games based on movies haven''t lived upto par except for the Spiderman Movie game which was pretty good. I haven''t heard anything about the Blade II game for PS2 but it looked nice. Really, they seem to be getting better but I can''t overlook the other companies that are destroying great names. I fear the next X-men fighting game. Bleu Shift - www.bleushift.tk

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i''m looking forward to the new robotech battlecry game as well. i was a big robotech fan in my youth. all though its not really current media.. its still about time that they made a game for it.
never fear with the final fantasy series. from what i''ve heard.. nintendo and square are teaming up once again for an all new final fantasy title exclusive to the gamecube.

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