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DA, DD and DI questions

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My first question is about DInput. I use it in my game so the player can enter his/her name for the highscore list. The problem however, is that DIK_Y and DIK_Z are wrong. When I hit y I get DIK_Z and vice versa. I assume this is the english keyboard layout but why? Does it depend on the directx runtime language? Or is it always like that and for european countries I have to switch both values manually? If so, how can I find out what language the windows version installed on a machine is? My other question is about DirectAudio. I know how to load a file and download it to the soundcard and how to play that segment. But how do I play multiple sounds at once? Well, I want to play the same sound/segment. So I first tell it to start playing. That works. But when I tell it to play again, then the first one stops and the new one begins. But don''t want the first one to stop. Do I really have to create another segment from the very same file to achieve what I want? How can I set transparency for a DirectDrawSurface? Thanks for the help.

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Okay, about DirectInput I know exactly what you''ve run into - I''ve had to deal with it as well...

Now, it happens that the DIK codes do NOT map to an actual character, but to the physical keyboard key. So if you''ve a french setup, your DIK_Q key will match the key A, the DIK_W match the key Z and so on...

The way to do it is this: Do NOT use DirectInput for typing names and text, period. To get the right chars according to locale, keyboard setup etc, one has to go through WM_CHAR windows messages, and perhaps a few APIs (haven''t researched that far yet).

You can make a search on the forum to learn more. For the directsound, sorry, can''t help you.

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for typing text on a windows system, use the windows way...what Spacecat said is correct. and intercepting WM_CHAR will always get the correct letter no matter what key is what. if you wanna do that with dInput, you'll have to do a whole lotta "extra" programming.

as for dAudio

when you play a song that wants to be repeated...set it as a secondary segment like so

DirectMusicPerformance->PlaySegmentEx(DirectMusicSegment, 0,

just add DMUS_SEGF_SECONDARY for the 3rd parameter.

dunno about dDraw though....never used it

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