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[java] Type conversions and arrays (and Datagrams!)

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Ok, here''s the deal.. I have created a class representing the types of events that I would like to send over the network. I am using UDP (in Java, DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket), and I am having trouble actually putting the information into the packet. The problem is that the constructor for DatagramPacket wants a byte array, but all my info is stored in various primitives (and a string). What I want to do is convert them all to byte arrays, then make one large byte array to pass to the constructor. In C, I could just memcpy the info using pointers and offsets and such, but Java has no such ability..

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Strings you can turn into byte arrays with String.getBytes() method. ex:

String s = "Data";
byte[] data = new byte[s.length()];
s.getBytes(0, s.length(), data, 0);

For receiving non-string data you can use ByteArrayInputStream objects. Chain that to a DataInputStream, and you can use readInt(), readLong(), readChar(), etc. methods with it.

For outputing non-string data you can use ByteArrayOutputStream objects. Chain that to a DataOutputStream, and you can use writeInt(), writeLong(), writeChar(), etc. methods with it.

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That's sounds exactly like what I need, and if Forte didn't take a day to start up, I'd test it out right now.

Ok.. I tried it, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks..

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