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The ULTIMATE 3DS Loader - From NVIDIA!

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Hi, I have found what has to be the best 3DS loader/converter whatever you want to call it! It is done by NVIDIA, so it is a quality product. I have to share with everyone, and hopefully this will end all those...''How do I load x into y?'' posts. Here''s the URL: It''s part of the D3DToolkit they have, so you have to download it all. They give you ALL the source. It really is an amazing library, and it is defenitly going to same developers a lot of time...also I doubt wether any of us here can write a 3DS loader as good as this one. The documentation is virtually non present, but one quick look at the header file, and you''ll figure out how to use it. Hope you find it useful (PS: I am not from NVIDIA)

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oh god! i''m so confused now! i want to develop this game and have been wanting to load meshes into my game, but i discovered .x files, and then i couldn''t found out a way to implement it into my OWN code with d3dfile.h, so i switched over to opengl, got 3ds files loaded into there, and now, THIS COMES OUT!

i can''t decide! it''s all too good, and it''s stopping me from continuing coding! i''m most comfortable with opengl, but would i be able to get it running as fast as directx? i''m planning to load lots of textures.

sorry to divert from the thread''s topic, but i''m just thrilled about the loader.


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Yeah, I''ve built importers for almost all of the formats that can be squeezed out of MAX3 in search for the format that gives me all the data I need. 3DS is good (and small) compared to others but, among other things, it doesn''t give normals, which are a pain to calculate. After going through DXF, WRL, X, LW, and OBJ, I found that ASE (Ascii Scene Export) has all the info I need and more including mesh info, animation transforms, bones, and animated meshes. I shoulda just wrote a MaxScript.
Anyway, I don''t know why I though anyone would care but that''s my $.02

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