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How does this idea sound...

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Im sure people have thought of this before, but this was an idea I had for doing a text system in my game: I read how to do text with GDI in the article hear on GameDev. And Ive also heard of Bitmap fonts (which I assume is making the font on bitmaps and blt them with hardware acc). Well what I came up with, is creating the surfaces for each character, and blitting each character thru GDI onto those surfaces, then using blt to get the characters on the screen. Its seems this way would be fast, not require disk space for the alphabet, and wouldnt be too hard to code. What do you guys think dave ratti

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It works well.

I''ve created a single bitmap with all the characters on it. After loading the bitmap to a surface it is possible to blit individual characters to another surface.

Once you''ve created your character set, it can be used in both 2D and 3D without having to call the windows GUI.

- Better the question than the answer

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Yes, this works perfectly. You''re using GDI to draw the true-type fonts, then blit them later when you need them.

I''ve seen an example of this recently but I can''t remember where. I''ll come back later!



Check out my project at: www.btinternet.com/~Matthew.Bennett

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