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Character Weapon. Need help.

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Hey everyone, I`m working on the design doc for an RPG right now, and I`ve gotten stuck. I have a female character, but I don`t know what weapon to give her. I don`t want to use the staff, or a bow, because those seem cliche`, along with strict magic use. Any ideas that could help me out? Thanks a bunch! -Jesse http://www.utopianminds.com/jenart

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Give her a nice scimitar!

And if you don''t want to fall in the cliche. Give her a real armor (not those stupid "bikini" style of armor) Your rpg will be more real.

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Give her a BFG!

If you want her to be a whimpy female, you could give her a sling.
She could be an explosives expert. The art of the "magical" black powder.

E:cb woof!

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how about some kind of boomerang? what about a crossbow? that could be neat. the sling idea doesn''t sound bad either.

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Its impossible to realy help you out with out knowing what type of character you want as a Female in a RPG.. What are her motives.. her background.. Whats the background of the game.. Being a RPG doesnt even mean swords and shields its just roleplaying. Your game could be in the future or in a alternate reality of past and future.
She could be a general
A Fair madien
A Theaf

And her motives could be

and many many more aspects to make her into a Unique character so as much as Id like to sudjest i couldnt.

Joan of Arc is quite a character.

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My suggestion:

goto nearest bookstore, and buy whatever RPG-game book that you can find, and look at it''s weapons-pages. Or well, you can get Nethacks Spoiler-faqs, and check what weapons that game has, and then just choose the one that sounds interesting

Probably your problem isn''t that you don''t know anything about weapons, but that you cannot just remember what kind of cool weapons there are in Fantasy Worlds.

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Thanks everyone, lot of cool (and some sarcastic) ideas. We`ve possibly come up with an idea, but I thank you all for the comments.


JenArt Systems

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Besides Paladins comment im baffled by most peoples posts

Im not a Uncreatice person I just know its impossible to recomend weopons to a Character you know nothing about.

Paladins Post on simply looking through books to see visualy what weopons would suit the player is I agree the best way you can do it.
Course I always do that naruraly with over 50 D&D books and some other RPG books.

I can Imagine visidly a female warrior Carrying Both a Large PoleArm and a Grappling Flail or flail type weopon.

This character female would be strong to weild such a Weopon and also would not belong to a Common Military force of any kind. The Celts when gathered weopons to Fight would bring what they could find (hence a Polearm. Glave.. Halbard) And a more organized army like the French has Swords man. Bow men ect. (Joan of Arc)

As she was Carrying such a weopon her background would be of a Outlandish style eather born out of Rulership Civilization or a Renegade born in it.
Possibly a Lone warrior and with such a Devestating and Crude weopon possibly quite Barbaric and Blood Lusty.

To Desplay a Smart and crafty side possible use a weopon that Does less Damage used wrongly and more damage use smartly and skillfuly

Such as Xenas throwing star which she uses for all sorts of Cleaver manuvers or Beast Master Dar uses his throwing weopon.

The Use of a ranged weopon can mean she is Sneaky, A hidder, or of less honer to fight face to face

Robin Hood or Robert of Loxely used his Fabled bow which suited his Rogue theaf type character well.

A Clubbing weopon would be very much into a Blood soaked kind of person who is quite barbaric and very strong.. Clubbing can be the most hurtful and goary weopon so thus a goary female to wield such.

To be More militant a Cross bow, Mace and Long sword might be used for they all are standard weopons for the armies of Eaurope.

If she had Wild weopons that which we do not see in earth (Such as D&D dark sun adventures) one major thing would be to keep in mind
If she had these wild weopons and no one elce did or modified weopons then she would appear very inventive and devoted so much to battle that she creates these weopons.

However if all in the world had crazy weopons then she would seem more ordinary and have to assume her weopons differently,

Dagers are comminly rogue weopons which are given to all characters in movies who are less than brave and less than good fighters.. usualy back stabbers in both fighting and life.

In Willow Eric the warrior used a Knife in battle once.. (One of the 2 battles he was in when the army came down the icey hills.) he used his dager to cut a throat and to throw at a solder.
His character in the begining already seemed a back stabber by not letting Mad Mardeggen out of his cage when him and his army ran past.
However even so a backstabber he can still be a honerable fighter like in the end.

Wips. Indiana Jones used his weopon for tacticle purposes to boast his skill and Intelect. This is the only way a wip can be used out side of tourture. A wip in combat simply to hurt or inflict damage is far fetched unless its barbed which comes close to being a Flail.

Axes. Such as a Pole Arm are used by the Strong only. Can be Honerable or not but just strong and always a Love for battle.
Dwarves often use axes or are written so in novels. Dwarves are un definale strong and sturdy.
Axes are good weopons to reflect status for a shiny silver axe would mean a Shiny Silvery good man and a Dark Black axe reflects the users dark sperit.

Tridents are a Unique weopon. Not many historalce figures use tridents . The God of sea Neptune uses a Trident with him being a very Honerable yet neutral character.
In Narnai a Dwarf uses a trident also he in honerable and also good in sperit.
Tridents are definetly not a standard weopon and so thus like a Pole Arm used by more outlandish and renegade type character. However the Trident is not a crude weopon and is also not a weopon made of crule tools. It can be a Shinning well crafted weopon thus used by a Well Crafted warrior in Shinning Armor.

A Spear is quite the same as a Trident however a Spear is much more commently used in Military so the use of a spear can reflect a More Militant character unlike the lone character who uses a Trident.

Slings are usualy used by the weak , Skilful and crafty . And as a gaming note the Sling has gotten a Bad rap by Bart simson, Dennis the menese and some nintendo games which used kids with sling''s,

Of course the midevil sling is a strip of cloth that must be spun in hand then to hurl the rock with its momentum..

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