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I was looking at the recent posts about the age of darkness and the power render project I was wondering is there a company located near the San Jose California area, that currently needs a PR skilled programmer? Or even better is there a company that could be interested in offering webwork to a PR skilled programmer, 3d modeller, level designer?

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Hi jamesD thats a good question, Well age of darkness is hiring right now, however is not near the San Jose area, if you want to work by web you may want to send a ressume to them and ask.
Also theres another company http://www.anarchy-arts.com/ that is looking for 3d artists they will consider web work if you are very, very good.

If you have a good/medium complete game alkready mae and you want to get dough from it, you could try with xgames http://www.xgames3d.com/ they are game distributors who offer help to amateurs, I once tried to work with them, but its very hard to work in your own game for months and then wait months to get some little revenue. Unless you have another job and you are working in you games mostly as a hobby, in that case this is a very good place to go.

Well we at the power Render Joint project couldn't offer you a position because we are not getting paid for this
Possibly we will get some revenue of the final product and then we will split the dough, but currently theres none..
If you still want to participate just send a contribution to this forum or to my email (or any member email). We currently could use some extra hands.

This is a good question.. anyone else has a project /company running on PR? and needs an extra hand? I think this is a very good place to post that kind of offers.

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