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Regarding Your Game Website

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Johny25    133
Ok, so lets say I''m working on a game. I don''t have DreamWeaver or anything much else to create a concise website. Anyone offer a few leads; Where I can find a cheap website creator. Also I don''t know where to put it (A cheaper host that allows for a commercial website). I need a forum, but where to find a forum that I can place on my ''commercial'' website? Would that forum require a lot of coding? Or would it simply be a ''link''? My website promotes my game, but I need to do it legally. Any pointers? Jon S

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TheFez    151
1) Learn HTML and use notepad. Thats the cheapest way to make the website.
2) Brinkster is a free web host that allows for commercial websites (theres tons of them out there, most have a bandwidth limit though).
3)forums can be found for free, Bravenet is an example (there are better ones out there but cost money for the license).
4)domain name, if you want one you can get that for about $10.00 a year from sites like

Basically just use google, theres tons of stuff out there.

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irbrian    130
There''s no such thing as an application that builds a nice looking website for you. Unfortunately, such a thing is impossible, because website design requires a creative eye and artistic talent.

As far as forum software, I would recommend [url=]YaBB SE[/url] or XMB(?). And there are programs that will let you more easily build a site, from FrontPage to Dreamweaver, but it sounds to me like what you really need is a designer.

PS - If you''re looking for a great hosting deal, including top-notch reliability, e-mail me, I know a guy who''s got connections.

Brian Lacy
Smoking Monkey Studios

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