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Repainting Controls after Loading Bitmap

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Hi there. I'm kind of new with C++ Programming, since i've allways programmed in Turbo Pascal & Delphi 5(object pascal), with a good comprehension of OOP. I'm just beggining to experiment with Windows Controls under C++, and i've got a problem when Loading a Bitmap using de Windows GDI functions. As i first run my APP that's simulating a ballistic shot, y load some background graphic with an R3 axis on it, just for testing. I also created a simple pushbutton in the main window. So far so good. But after i plot the trajectory of the object just plotting pixels onto the Device Context, when i want to "reset" the scene so another shot can be done, i just reload de background. When i do this at the message handling proc, the button goes away and isn't repainted. Any clues on how to handle this in an appropiate manner? Here i attach an image after the shot is done. If i press the button again, so the background is reloaded in order for the trajectory to be erased, the button goes away (it's still there, but not painted). [edited by - Bu6mAn on September 30, 2002 6:50:59 AM]

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