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No-Resize Window

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Phiro    122
Hey all, a real noob question, almost posted this in beginners but it''s API specific, so..... I dunno... not DirectX tho, win32. Well, I think so. Anyhow - I''m creating a nice windowed ddraw window to do some stuff in, but I don''t want the user to be able to resize it (and hence resize the contents). Here''s my window creation: hWnd = CreateWindowEx(NULL,"wc","Test01", WS_POPUP,0,0,1024,768,0,0,hInstance,0); I last stuck WS_POPUP in there to try it - I''ve tried a ton of them, to no avail. I have no idea if window style is the correct thing to mess with even. Any one able to save me?

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bluescreen    122
I don''t get what you mean exactly, but thes codes will help you.
Both codes keep users from resizing application''s window

1.Window style for windowed mode
2.Window style for fullscreen mode

And, as you said, this is not a DX question, though...

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