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glTexSubImage2D... funky colors

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Hi I''m trying to combine a texture with another using glTexSubImage2D() but I can''t get it to work. I first tried going off the examples in the Red Book and then when I couldn''t get that to work I tried using NeHe''s code in the AVI tutorial... And I still can''t figure it out. The sub image that''s displayed is just mostly black with some occasional green and red splotches. This is really annoying. Any help? THANKS

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its quite easy to get working the only thing is maybe is
youre using different formats
eg try both with GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE (ie not one with GLubyte + the otherwith GLfloat)
also are u doing as RGB image dat into another RGB texture + not say a LUMINANCE data into a RGBA texture


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It''s actually the same texture...

After playing around with it for awhile I got rid of the colors and now it''s just a really obscured image of what it''s supposed to be.

Here''s a pic, if it helps


I''m reading it in as GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE and as GL_RGB.

Thanks for the reply though

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