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Perspective/Viewing Volumn Evil-ness

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I'm having some problems developing a simple 3D viewer past the UVN world to viewer matrix as my perspective/view volumn matrix doesn't affect the verticies correctly. i think i have implemented the UVN matrix correctly and multiplied the verticies correctly as they are displayed correctly but without perspective. When i multiply them against the perspective matrix and perform the perspective/homogeneous divide the points points arn't displayed correctly and move erratically when i move the viewpoint. I was wondering if any one else had had this problem? or if anyone might know where i have gone wrong or has any hints on where to look for an answer. my perspective matrix. where f = the far plane of the View volumn, d = fore plane, h = the size of the view plane portal.
	f = 1000;
	h = 10;
	d = 10;

	dh = d/h;
	fndenom = f-d;
	Tpers.e[0][0] = dh;			Tpers.e[0][1] = 0;		Tpers.e[0][2] = 0;		Tpers.e[0][3] = 0;
	Tpers.e[1][0] = 0;			Tpers.e[1][1] = dh;		Tpers.e[1][2] = 0;		Tpers.e[1][3] = 0;
	Tpers.e[2][0] = 0;			Tpers.e[2][1] = 0;		Tpers.e[2][2] = f/fndenom;	Tpers.e[2][3] =	1;	
	Tpers.e[3][0] = 0;			Tpers.e[3][1] = 0;		Tpers.e[3][2] = -(d*f)/fndenom;	Tpers.e[3][3] = 0;
Thanks. [edited by - DemonHarry on October 1, 2002 5:57:45 AM]

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