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CreateDialog() problem

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why doesnt this work:
htool_dialog = CreateDialog(main_instance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DIALOG1),hwnd,(DLGPROC) ToolDialogProc);
main_instance is the instance of the main window and hwnd is the HWND of the main window. IDD_DIALOG1 is my dialog in resource, and ToolDialogProc is name of my dialogproc. but it just doesnt work, it gives a NULL to htool_dialog. oh yeah and getlast() error returns 0 wich means no error.. any ideas why? :/

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You might need to all InitCommonControlsEx depending on the types of controls used by your dialog. Here''s a list of the initialization flags and the controls that require initialization:

ICC_ANIMATE_CLASS Load animate control class.
ICC_BAR_CLASSES Load toolbar, status bar, trackbar, and ToolTip control classes.
ICC_COOL_CLASSES Load rebar control class.
ICC_DATE_CLASSES Load date and time picker control class.
ICC_HOTKEY_CLASS Load hot key control class.
ICC_INTERNET_CLASSES Load IP address class.
ICC_LISTVIEW_CLASSES Load list-view and header control classes.
ICC_PAGESCROLLER_CLASS Load pager control class.
ICC_PROGRESS_CLASS Load progress bar control class.
ICC_TAB_CLASSES Load tab and ToolTip control classes.
ICC_TREEVIEW_CLASSES Load tree-view and ToolTip control classes.
ICC_UPDOWN_CLASS Load up-down control class.
ICC_USEREX_CLASSES Load ComboBoxEx class.
ICC_WIN95_CLASSES Load animate control, header, hot key, list-view, progress bar, status bar, tab, ToolTip, toolbar, trackbar, tree-view, and up-down control classes.

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