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Test my sidescroller

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Hi all! Im currently writing a little sidescroller on my spare time. In its current state all you can do is run around with a guy on the levels. No enemies yet. Was wondering if someone would like to test it for me. All i want you to do is move through the 2 test-levels with the guy. Then just post your system specs and frame-rate. NOTE: I want the frame-rate you get when you turn OFF WaitForVerticalRetrace. See list below. Here's the keys for controlling the game: Arrow-left: Move left Arrow-right: Move right Space: Jump F2: Toggle window/fullscreen mode. F5: Activate WaitForVerticalRetrace F6: De-activate WaitForVerticalRetrace F12: Returns the guy to the world if he falls through. Heres a list of the bugs i know about: If the game stops for a while, caused bye HD-activity or whatever, the guy might fall trough the world. This is beacuse im using the time elapsed between frames to sync his movement. So if the game pauses for a long while, the player will moved out of the world before the collision detection routine gets him. However, i will have this taken care of in a few days. Dont go of the left and right edges of the world. No bounds checking there yet. Same thing for top and bottom edges. Getting to that soon. Hmm, pretty much all i can think of right now, if you find anything else, post here, or drop me a mail at jocke_s19@hotmail.com I also use that mail for MSN messenger if you want to talk to directly. Pick up the game here Oh yeah, if, when the game starts, the player isnt there, just press F12 to restore him. Do it again if it fails the first time. PS: Sorry for all the bugs in the program, but i have a daytime job as a WebDeveloper, so i dont have as much time as i would like to on this projekt. Thanks for your time EDIT: Damn brinkster! Wont let me link to the zip directly. Oh well, try it now and it should work. [edited by - JackRabbit on October 12, 2002 8:16:00 AM]

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Cool, I got 60 fps on my laptop (1GHz Celeron, Trident built in display) in fullscreen with WaitForVTrace on, 190 FPS with it off. When I hit F2 to go to windowed mode, it did not seem to change. Something happened, I just don''t know what, the screen flashed and the frame rate dropped to 2 fps, but it did not seem to be in windowed mode or else it was a popup window the size of the desktop. There is kind of a strange bug where you can "stick" to the edge of a tile as you are falling if you run at the tile while falling. It''s most noticeable in the second level in the tight tunnel near the beginning.
Looks like good progress though!

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WHen u hit F2 to go to windowed mode, the window will be the same size as the screen, hence the pixels are all stretched, hence the low frame rate. A friend of mine has a laptop with specs like yours, with a GeForce2. However, on his system, the framerate doesnt go above 50 fps in fullscreen mode, even with VSync off. Damn strange. But i tested the game on my P120 MHZ
22 MB RAM and it ran at about 30-40 fps.

Anyways, the window mode wont be included when the game is finished. I only use for debugging.

About the "stick to edge when falling" bug, i''ve noticed this also. Not really sure yet why it happens, but will look in to it ASAP.

In the top level dir for the game, there is a file called GameInit.txt
This file contains some startup settings for the game, like screenmode, fullscreen/window, and level to load.
If you want to play around with diffrent screen modes, be my guest, but beware, you will have alot of artifacts on the screen beacuse the background image is 640x480 in size, so the screen will be distorted if you use other modes. However the game should run in any other screen mode, it just wont look very nice.

Thanks a million for your time!

May the God of Code smile on you :D

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Hey, nice game!
I got 60 steady on my PII 300 MMX, 64 MB RAM.
About 200 when i turned off WaitForVerticalRetrace.

Looking forward to try it out when it gets more complete. Looks like it could be real fun.


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Thanks Funky, glad you enjoyed it!

Nice to see the game working good on computers other than my own.
Im currently designing the enemy/AI system for the game, and doing some housekeeping in the code. Cleaning up experiment code and stuff like that.
There should be some enemies to play with by the end of this week.

Oh yeah, if anyone is would be interested in seeing the code, i'll be more than happy to email it. The program is written in C++ with an OO'ed design approach(well im trying anyway ).

Thanks alot for the replies guys!

[edited by - JackRabbit on October 1, 2002 4:23:48 PM]

[edited by - jackrabbit on October 1, 2002 5:20:16 PM]

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Nice game!
i got about 25 FPS in fullscreen mode and 3~4 FPS in window mode, system info: PII 550MHZ, TNT2 16M.(i don''t know how to turn off that VSync thing, so was it on or off? i can''t answer).

I have some few questions to ask
Have u drew the graphics yourself? Cause they look fun enough to make a cool game

How is your tile engine looking like?

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Hi remi!
Thanks for replying!

Hmm, thats a very low framerate, must be your TNT card, cause i have got 30-40 on 120MHZ, so i should run very smooth on your system.
There also seem to be problems with GeForce cards, especially in window mode where some people have report framerates like yours.

Try setting the bitdepth to a higher value in GameInit.txt
The game is designed for 8 bit, but should work just fine in other mode, however, som tile wont be rendered with transparency.

About the graphics:
No i have not made them. I found them on a Free game art page, somewhere, though i have long since forgotten the link. Have no idea about author of the art. BTW, a big thanks to one made them, who ever you are! Thanks
Right now im planning on keeping the graphics. The game will be
compleatly free and open-source.

About the tileengine:

Nothing fancy about it, plain square tiles,32x32 in size.
The map positions have flags the specify which sides is blocking,
left,top,right,bottom. I have also started on a trigger system for the levels. Right now theres only one trigger type, the level exit, which points to the next level to be loaded.

Thanks again for posting!

[edited by - JackRabbit on October 2, 2002 6:19:36 AM]

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