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DX8 Interfaces not supporting older vidcards?

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Prototype    2014
I was doing some testing with DX8 and it seemed my old FireGL Pro was no longer supported using the D3DX8 interfaces. With DX7 it worked fine (well very crappy GL actually, but it worked). Anyone have a explanation for this or maybe a workaround, as I don't feel like setting up a second interface for DX7. That would be really ugly, and switching back to 7 is no option either. Any suggestions? (pixelformat and stuff is ok, dxdiag shows same result) Greetz Prototype BTW This is a great forum [edited by - Prototype on October 1, 2002 1:41:03 PM]

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S1CA    1418
DirectX 8 requires **AT LEAST** DirectX 6 level drivers.

So if your drivers aren''t DX6 level, DX8 won''t see your card.

DirectX 8.1 has a further restriction that it requires Windows 98 or above (i.e. no Win 95)

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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