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Where to get started with MODs?

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I do not know if this is the right group to ask this question. If not, please forgive me. I am kind of fascinated by MOD development. Can anyone give me a pointer to where I can get resources about MOD development? Thanks.

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I guess without the support of the games themselves, I would not be able to modify them, right? If this is the case, what games are out there which support modifications?

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Your nickname tells everything

OK. First I have to say that I have NEVER tried to get into MOD-developing, and so I cannot give any accurate answers. First, you should check EVERY big fansite of the game that you would like to modificate.
For an example, Half Life and Unreal Tournament:

Half Life: www.planethalflife.com and www.valveworld.com
Try to find some editing site under "hosted: editing/mapping".

Unreal Tournament: www.planetunreal.com and www.epicgames.com (or is it epic.com nowdays ?)
Same thing, try to find "editing/modificating" sites under "hosted" areas. UT has really nice scripting language, and there are decent amount of sources to search. If nothing else helps, you can try to ask from epic guys! They have been helping MOD developers with open hands.

Basically, for creating MOD you need to:
1) Know how to program. Usually the language is C/C++, but for example, UT has own scripting language atleast for creating Mutators.
2) You have to know how the levels work. You have to understand "stupid things", like what is the name of door-object, and how you can call it (meaning: what flag opens the door, what closes). This might sound little "off from topic", but better you know the "platform"(game) that you are modifiying, easier it''s to modify.
3) You should be able to create own levels atleast with little experience. It''s not that hard, just take a level editor on study. For me it took about 2 hours to create first level for Quake, and after that I started to create my own "masterpieces" for other games too. Quake, Quake II, Half Life, and UT have REALLY SIMILAR level editors, so if you know how to create Quake level, then you should be able to create Quake II level without any studying.
4) You have to know how to use tools, and this is the hard part. Even after you have lots of cool tools, like packet unpackers, you should study using these tools, and this is probably the reason why I don''t want to learn MOD-developing... I just couldn''t organize everything... Actually nowdays you need only couple of tools, but during Doom days you needed atleast 10 tools to create own modification

Hmm... hope this helped at all.

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