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Great Milenko

Angles and 3d lines

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ok I''m getting read to work on a 3d game and I was wondering how I could find the path of a line through 3d space. I was planning on using the angle off of the xy plane and xz plane to figure out how an object is facing then use a line to look ahead to see if theres anything in the way... I''m wondering what a formual for that would be.... Great Milenko

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You have the normal of your object?
and is rotating it along with the object?
if not just make it 0,0,1 from the begining (or 0,1,0 if you are a 3ds freak )
if you have it your line will be starting from the objects position and extends in the normals direction
Ox,Oy,Oz = object position
nx,ny,nz = the normal
x=Ox + t(nx)
y=Oy + t(ny)
z=Oz + t(nz)
damn i´m bad on explaining things..but I hope this helps a bit

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