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Fonts - Semi-NeHe Style!

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Many greetings for NeHe who taught me OpenGL =). Now i have a question about his font (not bitmapped) tutorials. what if i want to load a fonts that''s NOT located in the systems "X:\Windows\font" directory but as a resource "Data\\Font.ttf". Is there any simple way to do this? because im moving from targa bitmapped fonts due to alpha channeling...

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A few people have asked how to do this... If you have the NeHe CD, the code is on the disc (plug plug), if not, here is a small code snippet:

GLvoid BuildFont(GLvoid)
if (ok)
// Register a new font. (OTri - Perform automatic font registration.)
if( AddFontResource( aux ) == 1 )
bFontInstalled = true;
else bFontInstalled = false;
HFONT font;
lf.lfHeight = -24;
lf.lfWidth = 0;
lf.lfEscapement = 0;
lf.lfOrientation = 0;
lf.lfWeight = FW_BLACK;
lf.lfItalic = FALSE;
lf.lfUnderline = FALSE;
lf.lfStrikeOut = FALSE;
lf.lfCharSet = ANSI_CHARSET;
lf.lfOutPrecision = 0;
lf.lfClipPrecision = 0;
lf.lfQuality = 0;
strcpy( lf.lfFaceName, "YourCustomFont");
font = CreateFontIndirect( &lf );

// font = CreateFont( -24,0,0,0,FW_BLACK,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,ANSI_CHARSET,0,0,0,FF_DONTCARE|DEFAULT_PITCH,"YourCustomFont");
SelectObject(hDC, font);

base = glGenLists(92);
if (index==0) wglUseFontOutlines(hDC,0,91,base,0.01f,0.1f,0,gmf);
else wglUseFontOutlines(hDC,0,91,base,0.0f,0.1f,0,gmf);

Hope it helps!!!

[edited by - NeHe on October 4, 2002 3:57:11 AM]

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