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How can I do a simple 2D-Interface with textures?

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Keep in mind that this suggestion comes from another OpenGL beginner:

How are you with bitmaps? I haven''t checked NeHe''s tutorials yet, but OpenGL Game Programming does a great job of explaining the structure of bitmap files in Windows. You can basically set them bit by bit.

look up the following topics in MSDN:


This plus either fopen, fread, or the CFile class should give you enough info to be able to read a .bmp file, modify some of the pixels, and spit it out to the screen.

Is there a better way to do what he wants than to just draw a programmatically-manipulated bitmap on the screen?

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Yes. Textured quads in orto mode.

Look up



or check this forum for countless of other threads asking (and being answered) the same question.

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all right thankx a lott!

I''m familar with bmp and can texture my objects with bmp and jpg.
Thats no problem.

the more important this to do is the translation of all the interface-stuff so that it fit to my screen in every case (moving, rotation and field of view!!)

I''m not familar with matrixes but I''m about to learn that.

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The field of view is still a problem for me.

I went through different drawText() functions from nehe and but I still don't get it...

maybe anyone is able to explain it easy

I need a function that allows me to position my 2d-picture everywhere on the screen (existing) but I must still be able to change the field of view without seeing the 2d moving (not existing). It should not matter whether I use 45 degree or 75... (I hope you understand what I try to explain here )

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