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"Cross the borders between time and space." - Need help developing an RPG

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Hello. I''m looking for help on an RPG which I have in fact been working on for several years now, but I have decided to revamp the project, because I felt somewhat bored and uninspired by the cliche storyline and character development (See: "I have a really bad headache", Cloud, FF7). I''m taking many of the same characters (Mostly just names and appearances rather than history and such) and transforming it into a time/space travel strategy RPG. The game involves an ever-active tactical battle system, somewhat like a combination of the systems in Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics (Or Vandal Hearts, if you prefer), and Grandia. You move about on the field freely, and enemies encountered during non-story events initiate battle by them running into you, or vice versa. You would be able to move about the entire map during battle, but crossing the path of another enemy or group of enemies would bring them into the same battle. When the screen is cleared, you are free to move about again. The experience system is the standard "fight enemies and gain level-ups" with a slight twist. The stats that increase when you gain a level of experience depend on what type of attack techniques, magic spells and summons, and items you have used while gaining experience. For example, if you used an attack that used up a large amount of stamina, your maximum stamina would increase with the next level, along with strength and vitality, because physical attacks rely on these stats to improve. If you cast a spell, but it is weak when you use it against certain enemies, your overall magic potency increases as well as the strength of that spell or spell type. Of course, other stats increase as well as characters mature through experience, special items and events. Sound interesting? The storyline revolves around the life of Gabriel Sedmire, a young (21 years old) swordsman living a ''normal'' life in the kingdom of Salera. When a new emperor comes to power in the dying empire of Lockard, fifteen years after the murder of the previous ruler, the kingdom is caught up in a war between themselves, Lockard, and the former provinces which centuries before had made up the united world known as Andaria. You must travel between the worlds of Andaria, Pandora, and the ruined planet where the genesis of mankind took place, Kadhyre, as well as the past, present, and future generations of each world, fighting battles against demons, wizards, knights, mutants, robots, and cyborgs (Extreme run-on sentance ^_^). For this project, we need artists, since I am quite, well, artistically impaired to make things short. Artists ranging from monster concepts, character and NPC concepts, anime-style portraits, map textures and animations, sprites (character animations), backgrounds and background animations, map concepts, and almost anything else pertaining to artwork. Programmers are also needed. On our active team, we have myself, working on descriptions for characters, monsters, and NPCs, items, menus, storyline, and anything else I can pick up on. Niko Geyer (Known as Niko, niko-kun, niegrow, or Ledin) draws anime artwork for character portraits (Click here for an example), and Per Henrik Syverud (Known as LittleElk) composes music for the game. Some other members seem to come and go, dropping advice and whatever help they can offer, but we could really use some more dedicated members. So please, if you can offer your time and help with our project, E-Mail me at and we can try and work things out. Thanks.

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