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Php, e-mail and images.

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I have a php script that sends an e-mail to the e-mail address with a picture in it. First of all, for those who know php (or even C, they''re almost identical), this is the code that I have to e-mail:
if(empty($name_friends[$i]) == false && empty($email_friends[$i]) == false)
					$email_content= "
							To:			$name_friends[$i]\n
							From:		$user_fname $user_lname ($user_email)\n\n
							<embed src=\"http://www.tru-motion.com/images/RizcoEmailReferrals.jpg\"> ";

					mail($email_friends[$i], "From $user_fname $user_lname", $email_content, $user_email);
				} //end if

But, whenever I open the e-mail sent by the script, instead of the image being displayed, the html used is in its place instead. How can I do this? If any of you could help it would be awesome. Thanks.

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