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Problems in collision detection

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I have vertex data stored in array I have BSP,who store vertex by their indexes I have to test 2 surfaces for intersection.. test it for interseption by their shperes.. test by bounding box find point of minimum distance find points in BSP by direction of other`s object point of minmim distance... or points finded propertly... find center of both array of points and their bounding boxes.. test.. so now i can say that this 2 object intersept... now i need to find triangles,where this 2 object intersept.. my algorithm cant do it propertly. algorithm is so... for x:=0 to D1.Info.PointsNum do begin //set Active triangle ActiveTri.v1:=VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr1[x*3]]; ActiveTri.v2:=VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr1[x*3+1]]; ActiveTri.v3:=VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr1[x*3+2]]; //set virtual poly Line1.x:=ActiveTri.v2.x-ActiveTri.v1.x;Line1.y:=ActiveTri.v2.y-ActiveTri.v1.y;Line1.z:=ActiveTri.v2.z-ActiveTri.v1.z; Line2.x:=ActiveTri.v3.x-ActiveTri.v1.x;Line2.y:=ActiveTri.v3.y-ActiveTri.v1.y;Line2.z:=ActiveTri.v3.z-ActiveTri.v1.z; Norm:=CrossProduct(Line1,Line2); vrtTri.A:=Norm.x; vrtTri.B:=Norm.y; vrtTri.C:=Norm.z; vrtTri.D:=ActiveTri.v1.x*Norm.x+ActiveTri.v1.x*Norm.y+ActiveTri.v1.z*Norm.z; RB:=0; for y:=0 to D2.Info.PointsNum do begin if IsTriangleOn(Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3]],Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3+1]],Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3+2]])then begin Inc(RB); if RB>1 then begin Result:=True; Collision.Exists:=True; c3:=Normalize(c3); Collision.Point:=LastCheckPoint; Collision.SourseNormal:=Norm; Collision.DestNormal:=CrossProduct(SubPoint(Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3]],Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3+1]]), SubPoint(Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3]],Targ.VertexData.VertexInfo[VerAr2[y*3+2]])); end; //ConsoleMessage(''objecct pass all''); end; it returns TRUE only in 15% times... isTrinangleOn is... function TVertexInterseptor.IsTriangleOn(v1,v2,v3:TSingle3D):Boolean; begin if IsLineOn(v1,v2) then Result:=True else if IsLineOn(v1,v3) then Result:=True else if IsLineOn(v2,v3) then Result:=True else Result:=False; end; function TVertexInterseptor.IsLineOn(d,s:TSingle3D):Boolean; var VLine:record x0,y0,z0,m,n,p:Single;end; tParam:Single; Point:TSingle3D; begin //create virtual line VLine.x0:=d.x; VLine.y0:=d.y; VLine.z0:=d.z; VLine.m:=s.x-d.x; VLine.n:=s.y-d.y; VLine.p:=s.z-d.z; Result:=False; if (vrtTri.A*VLine.m+vrtTri.B*VLine.n+vrtTri.C*VLine.p)<>0 then tParam:=(vrtTri.A*VLine.x0+vrtTri.B*VLine.y0+vrtTri.C*VLine.z0-vrtTri.D)/ (vrtTri.A*VLine.m+vrtTri.B*VLine.n+vrtTri.C*VLine.p) else exit; with vLine do Point:=MakePoint3D(x0+m*tParam,y0+n*tParam,z0+p*tParam); LastCheckPoint:=Point; Result:=IsPointOn(Point); end; function TVertexInterseptor.IsPointOn(p:TSingle3D):Boolean; var //squares NormalS,N1,N2,N3,TrueS:Single; v0:TSingle3D; triDelta:single; function GetTriSQR:Single; var v1,v2:TSingle3D; begin v1:=ActiveTri.v1; v2:=ActiveTri.v2; Result:=Points.VectorLength(Points.CrossProduct(v1,v2)); end; begin NormalS:=GetTriSQR; TrueS:=0; //_!_ use surface class to init new surface // with geomentric centre at (x,y,z) // and found square of it //get square for 1 v0:=ActiveTri.v1; ActiveTri.v1:=p; TrueS:=TrueS+GetTriSQR; ActiveTri.v1:=v0; //get square for 2 v0:=ActiveTri.v2; ActiveTri.v2:=p; TrueS:=TrueS+GetTriSQR; ActiveTri.v2:=v0; //get square for 3 v0:=ActiveTri.v3; ActiveTri.v3:=p; TrueS:=TrueS+GetTriSQR; ActiveTri.v3:=v0; if TrueS/NormalS<1.1{110%} then Result:=True else Result:=False; end; what i did wrong.. or have anyone same code to compare... Cheers Kashey

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