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GLUT, Windows and UNIX

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Penance    190
Could someone confirm if it''s possible to develop a program on a Windows station using GLUT and have it run on a UNIX station? I have a CG project due and it would be more convenient to code it up on my home PC, but the requirement is that it be in GLUT and that it run on the school''s UNIX machines and I rather not waste my time if coding it in Windows won''t fulfill these requirements. Thanks!

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Fruny    1658
Yes, that''s what GLUT was designed for.

You can develop it on a Windows machine, then recompile it in Unix and have it run in Unix. You cannot transfer the Windows binary to Unix and expect it to run though.

Of course, this assumes that you C++ compilers are actually standard-compliant (i.e. they implement "the same" C++ language), and that you do not rely on system-specific functions.

Try, and learn from the process.

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