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well. I would suggest that you learn how to program a simple camera, then learn how to program user input (with mouse and keyborad). And believe me once you know all that, makeing a movable camera is really easy.

there are some good directInput tutorials at i think. and beginner directX tutorials show you how to make a asic camera. so get a hold of some of em. and direct input is also really easy. i learnt it from the sdk docs actually. the tutorials in ther are easy to follow and pretty simple. give it a try

Once youve done all that. then all you really have to do is change the x,y,z values of the camera position depending on what the user pressed or where the user moved the mouse. and in teh case of dirwectX you'll also have to change the loo-at coordiantes (thats where the camera is actually pointing). Programming a camera is more to do with input programming then anything else.

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