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Maybe someone here can give me a little insight...

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on this site: It seems to try and get people to believe the price of games can drop significantly without any repercussions to the industry, nor does it supply any facts to back up it''s already weak arguements. I''d like to hear the other side of the story, form people who actually make games.

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Yes, they often do. (The average figure for a game these days is around £1 million, and can rise much higher for certain titles.) But the cost of development has nothing to do with retail price. Albums can cost tens of millions of pounds to record, but you

what an idiot
the licence of a good engine costs $100.000
+ the development costs of around 8 month with is average nowerdays -> they don t cost more than 500.000->800.000

if they go above this
then the developers are either too stupid to get their things working the 1st time so they redo everything or they lack of skill

you don t need a 30 people big team to create a decent game
it s better to have a small group of 7-10 people working 8 hours the day

someone should hack their site and delete this bullshit

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This topic is now closed to further replies.