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Nasty Artifacts On Models

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Hi I''m started importing models into my terrain engine, and it looks fine from close up, but every time the player moves away the part of the model closest to the terrain flashes in and out with the terrain... It looks really ugly... I''ve never heard much about this kind of this... what are some of the typical ways to overcome this? Any help very appreciated

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It might be Z-buffering... polygons fighting because they''re not easily sorted at far distances. One way around would be implementing LOD models (where model complexity lessens the farther it is from the camera). Another would be to use fog for far-distance objects, though that is mostly just covering it up.

I have this problem; the game I''m making had very-detailed meshes, which looked horrible at far distances. I dumbed them up some, and that seemed to help.


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It''s just that the terrain and the model (it''s a tree) keep overlapping...

I suppose one way would be to embed the thing right into the terrain... make it a part of it... But what about dynamic objects?

hmmm... would it have anything to do with the fact that I''m using such large scales in the engine? I mean, some of the positions are over a hundred thousand

Maybe there is a way to tell the z-buffer that the tree is in front of the terrain?

In the meantime I''ll try decreasing the complexity of the model... see if that does anything


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yooooo man. I had this same problem few months back and god knows how many hairs i pulled out before i realized it wos a Z-buffer prob.

Lemme guess, u might have used veryyyy small value for ur near-clippling-plane and veryyyyy large value for ur far-clipping-plane

something like this gluPerspective(70.0f,(float)w/(float)h,0.1,10000);

0.1 = very small
10000 = very large

This is what causing u problems. Try making the near plane a lil larger and pull down ur far plane a lil as well.... PROBLEM SOLVED.

something of this order

near plane = 5
far plane 4000

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