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Intersection of Line and Sphere

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Does anybody happen to know the equation for the intersection of a line and a sphere? I''m rendering a 3D sphere, and zooming in and out from it. When I zoom way in, it expands past the bounds of the screen, so I want to only calculate data for the parts that are visible. To do this I figured it would be best to find the 4 points at which the rays from the POV through the 4 corners of the screen intersect the sphere. I already have a function that can render a subsection of the sphere based on that information, but I don''t know how to get that information! Using x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = R^2 and ax + by + cz + d = 0 I''ve been able to break it down to a second order equation with only two variables, but I haven''t been able to take it any further... Any help would be appreciated!

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You should know that ax + by + cz + d = 0 is a plane equation. For a line you need the parametric form:

x = p + tv

where p is a vector from the origin to a point of the line. v is a vector in the direction of the the line. t is a real number. p and v are fixed and with different t values you can calculate each point x of the line. You can split this into three equations:

x = p.x + t*v.x
y = p.y + t*v.y
z = p.z + t*v.z

Then you have your sphere equation:

x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = R^2

So you have four equations and four unknown variables and you''ll be able to solve these equations.

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I''m such a moron! Thanks!

I''ve been working almost exclusively with polygons (ie bounded *planes*) for so long that I just slipped that plane equation in there without even thinking about it... Well, that solves my problem quite neatly.

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