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How do I make a "timer"(I'm a beginner)

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How do I make a timet that count the amount of milliseconds that have passed since the timer has started. example: timer start do lots of stuff print "how much time has gone"

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If you''re using Windows, you can call the WIN32 API function GetTickCount() to get the amount of milliseconds from Windows start in the beginning into some variable, do the "stuff", then call it again and substract the old tick count from the new tick count.

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Windows has a millisecond multimedia timer,
If u include ''winmm.lib'' you have access to the function:-

DWORD timeGetTime();

which reurns the time elapsed since windows was started, and as long as u''r app doesn''t run any longer than 49.71 days constantly then u''ll be fine.(if it does for some reason go over this u would have to use the difference between twot values - but I doubt windows can run for 49 days without crashing)

Now for u''r specific case u simply need to have to variables, and compare the two, i.e:-

double start,end,elapsed;
start = timeGetTime();

//Do other stuff....

end = timeGetTime();
elapsed = end-start;

cout << "time elapsed: " << elapsed;

This could be simplified to elapsed = start-timeGetTime(); and leave out the end variable.
I hope thats helped, if theres any errors feel free to complain

Hey I knew the answer thats a first.


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