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Deploying BCB Applications

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Hi, I''ve been digging through the C++ Builder (5.5) documentation trying desperately to figure out what DLLs and such I need to ship with an application. I managed (in the linker tab of project options) to get some of the VCL stuff linked in to the executable, but I''d really like to get EVERYTHING statically linked. Alternatively, some way to just get a list that says "You need XXX.DLL, YYY.DLL, and ZZZ.DLL" would be tremendously helpful. The closes the documentation comes at any point is saying "You might need to distribute other files with your application." Gee, thanks. I ended up just moving files over one at a time until I stopped getting run-time errors about missing DLLs, but that''s a piss-poor solution. Ideas? -Brian

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There are a few possibilities.
First of all, on the link tab of the project options (I think) you can select to statically link the RTL, which should be all you need.
Second, after you compile your app, right click the exe file, and go to Quick View (or View Dependencies, if you have VC++ installed too). Somewhere in that info should be a list of DLLs that you are exporting functions from. Some of these will be the regular Windows DLLs, but some might be Builder ones.
Also, there might be a dumpbin program with Builder (look up the command line tools in the help) that will get you a list of DLLs you need.

Good luck!

Jonathan Little

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