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Short analysis about real and timed based games

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As a big Panzer General 1. My observation over progress of that game (Panzer 2, Panzer 3d and other Panzer''s ) convinced me that an easy game can kill the good idea. SSI making a big hit with Panzer 1 and Panzer2 developed their next Panzers more and more easier maybe listening to advises of their fans. So next generations of Panzers were so easy that they were not a challenge at all. The conclusion is DO NOT MAKE AN EASY GAME. Turned based games are closing to chess, but there is a big beautiful difference - as You know in chess one move can win the fight. In games like Panzer that is not true - there must be a number of good moves ( tactical wins ) which are the bricks of big win - strategical win. So there is a wonderful cooperation between strategy and tactics, which is I think not so good in real-time based games, they are not that much strategics as tactics. I think that turn based games have one good and one not so good feature - Bad: number of turned-based games fans always will be times less than real-time fans. Good: But turned-based fans are fans until their death ( There is other wonderfull example HEROES - also a perfect turn - based game. As we know Heroes make a big hit expecially Heroes3. But what happens with Herose4? First they maked it 3D. And the appearance of Heroes4 is much different than Heroes3. So Heroes4 was not so attractive to conservative turn-based fans - they loved their old Heroes3 and they did not agree with his lost in Heroes4. So conclusion is turned-based fans are small as number, conservative , but they feel love their games as his childs. Chess was developed a thousants years ago and it is turn-based strategy - his fans are small as number but they are still alive. GO ( I do not know much about this game ) was also invented many years ago and before Chess!!!! Go is alive and the difference between Go and Chess is that Chess is more tactics than Go and as we see Chess is more popular than Go. Again : the conclusion is - as more tactics as more funs. Tactical and strategical type of thinking are parts of two diffrent sections of man''s consciousness, which share one brain. to be contninued..

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Title is wrong
... real and turned not timed based games ..

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