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Ray Tracing

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I''m doing two months research into Ray Tracing. I''ve read the book "Practical Ray Tracing in C" by Craig Lindley 1992. It''s a little dated now. I''d like some recommendations as to where to go on-line or in the literature for lucid explanations on Ray Tracing. The Lindley text focuses solely on rendering still 3D scenes, not the Doom / Wolf scenes in full motion. Much obliged for any pointers, folks.

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I am afraid that you have confused raytracing and raycasting. Raytracing is a super high quality rendering method which produces photo realistic results but takes enormous amounts of computing power, not something you would want to use in a game. Raycasting on the other hand is the method used in doom/Wolf 3d and is somewhat akin to raytracing in basic ideas but much different in representation. That is why raytracing produces the results you see in stills from 3d studio max and such while ray casting produces results like doom. As far as a source for it you can research raycasting by looking up a page off of a search engine, but i recommend that if this is for a game you go with a less dated method such as a polygonal world.


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