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DirectInput mouse problems & cast

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i am trying to CAST the x,y axis of a mouse and have an object follow the mouse movements. i got the objects to rotate now i am trying to move one(sphere1angle) or (sphere2angle)...... does anyone have source material, link, something on how to add the mouse movements........
void ActApp::DrawScene(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE8 device, const D3DVIEWPORT8& viewport)
	sphere1angle += AngleInc;

	float x1 = cos( sphere1angle ) * CircleRadius;
	float z1 = sin( sphere1angle ) * CircleRadius;

	sphereModel.SetLocation( x1, 0.0f, z1 );

         /////////////this is what i added////////////

	DWORD xAxis, yAxis;
	float xModelAxis = (float)xAxis;
	sphereModel.SetLocation( xModelAxis, xModelAxis, 0.0f );
         /////////////this is what i added////////////

	sphere2angle += AngleInc;
	float y2 = cos( sphere2angle ) * CircleRadius;
	float z2 = sin( sphere2angle ) * CircleRadius;

	sphereModel.SetLocation( y2, 0.0f, z2 );
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