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user breakpoints stopping program.

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hi, I''m in the process of writing a simple AI program to test breadth first and depth first (heuristics later) searching. But I''ve got a really stupid problem and I dont know how to fix it. I''m using VS.Net Enterprise / Visual C++ 7 Basically, somewhere I get an "unhandled exception
: User Breakpoint" which would make sense if I had any breakpoints, but i dont. I had some, but I''ve removed them all now. When it drops to Dissassembly, I can see an "int 3" command, along with several others further down the listing. I know these are breaks, but I dont know whats causing them to be there. I also cant find what file, line or function is generating this code (it''s debug, but it''s not putting my lines of code in with dissassembly). Any way I can backtrack it to find the dodgy line? maybe then I can work out WTF is going on!! Any help is greatly appreciated; I can share my source code if anyones interested... regards, Jack DirectX 4 VB: All you need for multimedia programming in Visual Basic Formula 1 Championship Manager, My Game Project.

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That breakpoint is somewhere within a system dll/foreign dll. For one thing, you can try installing the debug symbols for your operating system (there should be a link in the VS startmenu).

You also can try opening the call stack and looking there, that should show you the module you currently are in.

Ciao, ¡muh!

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