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How do I Access a struct member from another struct ??

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Hello guys im playing with libsam LSCI''s File system library it has a struct wiht the following time_t creation; time_t residence_time; struct sam_copy_s copy[MAX_ARCHIVE]; uchar_t cs_algo; uchar_t flags; ulong_t gen; Problem is I''m having difficulties accessing the sam_copy_s struct how would I access this im using Sun Forte C/C++ 6.0 Compiler using Solaris, I havent used C in a very long time thanks for your time. im doing something like struct sam_stat samst; sam_stat("/netb/file1",&samst,sizeof(struct sam_stat)+1); now how do I go about pulling the info from sam_copy_s ?? Thanks for your help guru''s :-) - RB

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samst.copy;       // access entire array; returns pointer to first element
samst.copy[ n ]; // access specific element in array

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