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Er, just saying "Hi."

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So, um, hi. I''ll call myself "Eristoph" here. I go by other names elsewhere, but that''s not really important. I''ve signed up here in an attempt to absorb as much knowledge as I can. I know some C++; my command of the code has gotten a little rusty with non-use, but I imagine that it''ll all come back to me eventually. I downloaded the entire stack of tutorials last January, started fiddling with them and converting them to CodeWarrior format, and then promptly became interested in other things which demanded most of my free time. I''m hoping that, this time, I can stick with it. I''m attempting to learn OpenGL and maybe DirectX for a very specific purpose - I''ve got a fairly interesting game project in mind, and while I''m hoping to cut my teeth on the PC, I''m eventually planning on moving on to porting my work to a game console such as the Dreamcast. Big aspirations, I know, but I''ve done great things in the past and I''m fairly confident I can do great things in the future in other fields. I don''t have a website or anything for the project just yet; I''m still in the process of absorbing information and I need to approach this thing from the ground up. Once I have something to show for myself, I''ll make it known, or something. So, yeah, hi! I''ll try my best not to ask any stupid questions! "Ambassador Thorman great man! I do anything he say!"

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