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Well what do you exactly mean ?
There are about 3 types of camera :
First Person (FPS,
Third Person Camera (Camera=Folowing around a chracters,
Cinematic Camera (Camera Scripting,Cutscenes that`s what I made but you probably can sort it out yourself...)

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Hi ppl...

Hey man, sorry to say this, but, is you who have to do a good camera. For example, I''ve downloaded those camera tutorials but I''ve ended in conclusion that the I liked more the camera done by my self... Isn''t hard to do one...

gluLookAt(cam point, cam target, up vector)

At beginig you won''t need the up vector....
The onlu thing you need is to control the 2 vectors. As an idea, for a free cam, you can have a vector position of camera and 2 angles. Using trigonometry, you can easely calculate the target and the moving vector.....

Just an opinion (sorry for my english)

Techno Grooves

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Well I do it that way. The only reason why I asked for a tut was because my camera did only move when I moved the mouse or pushed a button. But now I found the mistake and i will go on with my own camera. But tuts won''t hurt u know just to catch up some ideas.



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