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humanoid walking

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this thought just came to me, reading the post about realistic jumping. would it be feasible to program the motion of a character based on the forces of the feet pushing against the ground? like, instead of moving the character forward and then changing the model based on the position, you move the model and calculate the motion based on the force of the feet pushing against the floor? well then again, you could also have a game where you emulate things at the atomic level and build your way up... maybe im just complicating things too much

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I saw a link about this over at flipcode, I think it was in the news section a few month ago. They talked about balance and gravity, dynamic movement that they could make. For example if a character walked on a suspension bridge that was flappy/slack.. they said that their character would try to maintain balance according to the bridge movement. I don''t know if they got it working but it sounded cool I can imagine it''s pretty hard to make it work and look realistic.

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