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just some basic questions

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Hey, Well ill get straight to it i have no background what so ever in programming you could say and well hopefully i can start learning it and eventually reach my goal of hopfeully being able to make a game although i know thats a long way off. Im just wondering if someone can tell me the basics of programming i.e i''ve read posts about people talking bout open gl and compillers etc and if someone could please explain all of this to me and give me a guide to help me to start programming or be able to point me torwards some good tutorials it would be appreciated heaps...im sorry for the questions to you it must seem stupid anyway thanks from the complete newbie

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A compiler is a program that compiles code written in a programming language (e.g. C, C++) into another one (usually machine code that can be executed by the machine). If you''re interested in learning C++ you can download a good and free C++ compiler at www.bloodshet.net (Dev-C++), and there is a ream of rather promising-looking tutorials at http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ - as for OpenGL, DirectX and such, there is no need for you to worry about that for quite some time yet. Learn to program first.

I should warn you, however, that many people would recommend against C++ as a beginner''s language. To me, it was the first language I really learned to program in, but other people swear by Python, Java, BASIC dialects, et cetera.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
C++ is a very good language for beginners, but only if it is taught right (which is almost never). Get "Accelerated C++" and learn C++ the correct way.

So here is what you need to make a game:

A programming language (pick one, I recommend C++)

A solid understanding of that language. This means you skip the books that tell you how to make games and instead focus on books that teach you programming. You want a general purpose beginner''s text and then some intermediate level books. Then (and it could take quite a while) you will be ready to start learning how to make games.

A compiler for your language. Get one that is easy enough to use. I use Visual Studio 6.0 Professional which I bought at the academic price so it only cost $50.

Once you have these things making games will still be a lot of work, however you won''t be lost and you''ll be in a position to learn faster than someone who bought a bunch of those sucky prima game programming books and skipped the basic skills.

Anyway for now ignore everything you read about DirectX and OpenGL for at least a year. Do not waste your time reading tutorials on game programming, especially since at your skill level you won''t be able to distinguish good tutorials from the ones that teach you bad habits. Programming involves a huge number of habits, try to skip the bad ones.

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