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Artists wanted!

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Hello talented artists! Me and my friend developing a 2D game. The game is about a war going to start between humans and another alien race which his name is still not defined. We would like you to help us! (You''ll get full credit of it) We need everything in art from you. This game is some sort of Quests\RPG game. The main governers of the two races made a group of two spies each one from it''s race to try and stop the war and see who made this situation between the two races. (you are the spies) if you could send us an example of A) Human B) The other alien race which you can make it your own style We need Tiles for the maps in let''s say 4 areas: (this is if we work with you) 1 spacestation style 3 planets which their texture will be decided later we will also need tiles of houses and pubs and inventory which the player get through the game. We do not pay money sorry but we are just making this game for fun. if you got MSN Messenger contact me at

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