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Commercial RPG in need of talented artist

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Hi everyone, I come from a group of 4 people, a writer, musician, programmer, and myself as the artist. We are working on an RPG at the moment that will be released on the Gameboy Advance. The development has been very smooth and worry free so far, and is just beginning to come together. Both the musician and programmer are seasoned professionals. The writer and I, although we are amateurs, deliver quality work. We have absolutely no budget however, so whatever money we need, must come from our own pockets. That basically sums up who we are. Now onto the game details. Like I said before, it is an RPG with very beautiful graphics (well, what we have done so far). The style is similar to classic SNES RPG''s, but is also different in many ways. The biggest noticable difference is the massive 32x64 sprites that we are using, and the 32x32 size tiles. You may think that this size would limit exploration. But the gameplay mechanics rule this out. Most of the exploration will take place on our highly detailed overworld map; which will actually be split into many. This is no desolate overworld, it is flourishing with detail. At the moment, our sprites are super deformed; however, I have recently decided to take a more realistic approach. There is no sense in using 32x64 if the space is just going to be abused to make a sprite that looks like a 16x24 mockup. Anyways, now to the point. I have recently become aware that I alone am not going to cut it. I am in desperate need of someone that is very talented at doing indoor tilesets. I simply do not have the time to finish the whole game by myself in a decent amount of time. So if you are a hardworking, talented individual, please contact me at Matto154@attbi.com. If you helped out, you would mainly be doing indoor maps and sprites for villagers and various fill-in characters. At the moment, I am hard at work on the overworld map, and I need to redo the sprite designs. In terms of payment, I would not be able to pay you currently. However, like everyone else, you would recieve a percentage of the total profit once the game is released. This percentage will be determined by how important you prove to be to us by the end of the project. Also, if you do not wish to work on this game, or do not have time, you could also help us a lot by sending us any donations. Like I said before, all money comes from our pocket, and it costs a lot to develop a commercial quality game. So if you wish to simply help, and want to send us some money, just contact me at Matto154@attbi.com Thank you in advance. Divinus Entertainment Land of Relics Art Director http://divinus.net

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