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MS3D in dx

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Hey, im working on a game engine and im converting MS3D into a DX compatable format and im almost done if i get enough people wanting it ill release the converter here it would be easy exept that in ms3d the triangle indicies texture u,v coords are diff for most triangles so im writing it so it finds these and corrects them with no changes to the art needed and still keeps it optimized by using indicies anyway thats all i dont need help or anything on it but just because of the pain in the neck its been ill be releasing it for free. if anyone cares prolly wont be releasing the source tho as its written in VB6! but i will write a tutorial on how to load the files and everything... so tell me what u think p.s. if u really want the source u can email me a request at aeramor@pyrolight.com -Aeramor www.pyrolight.com

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well ok 2 peoples care and im sure once i make it more will so ill be writing the tutorial on how to convert MS3D files to your own file type and optimizing it for your program/game.
just so u know it will most likly be in VB6 ( i know c++ but if done correctly vb is just as fast as c++ )
ill also have a thing that counts how optimized a texture is (thats right u can OPTIMIZE a texture by making it diferently)
check www.pyrolight.com periodicly for the tutorial on it... or ill just post here when its ready .. also if u email me at Aeramor@pyrolight.com i will email when the tutorial is ready


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