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I have to do an hour long presentation in my unix class on some unix related topic that isn''t covered in the syllabus. The syllabi can be found at the bottom of this page, and also at this page, and also here (three different courses, three different syllabi, unix 1 and 2, and unix sys admin). Basically we cover "standard" unix, so the presentation has to be on something we either don''t cover, or something not standard. Some examples of presentations that people have decided on are emacs, Star Office, and setting up access control lists (ACL). I''m at a loss. If you have any ideas, fire away. I''m all ears Thanks for your help. Russell

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Apache configuration?

You can even throw in the apache-config-style proftpd.

Setting up RAID on linux?

X windows configuration?

in-depth awk?

kernel hacking?

recovering from a bungled up system? (mmm...magic sysrq)

ooh... ''sploit some apps. that''d be fun.

Its endless.

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It''s obvious - do a presentation on The UNIX Philosphy. Small, unifunctional programs/modules employing standardized input/output interfaces can be rapidly "glued" together (using shell scripts, Perl, etc) to create powerful and flexible custom user solution applications. Emphasize the importance of developing software in conformance with that goal.

Recommended Resource: The UNIX Philosphy by Mike Gancarz. Look for it at your school library.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Very nice idea above. This philosophy has a tendency to be all too often overlooked. Also by me, must I shamefully confess...

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