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3DS Max to Maya

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I''ve been using 3DS Max for a few years now, so I understand it fairly well. It''s main purpose for me has been game modeling, mostly architecture. I''ve come to a point where I need to learn how to use Maya, and have read up on tutorials and purchased a book (Maya 4 Fundamentals) on Maya 4 as well. What I''m interested in now is suggestions for free scripts. I''m mostly interested in polygon editing scripts (I''m still very unfamilar with Maya, and modeling is taking me much longer to do in Maya than it would Max due to my limited knowledge of getting around the program). Also, this may be minor, but in Max shift-copy edges made my life a hell of a lot easier when it came to modeling architecture. Is there an alternative style to that in Maya? Lastly, the script Texporter in Max was my best friend when it came to texturing (especially characters). I''m still not to the part where I''m texturing in Maya (I''ll worry about that after I''ve learned the interface and modelled successfully in it), but does Maya have something like that already built in? And if not, can you suggest anything that would be a good substitution? Thanks for any help/suggestions. - Dan

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You can got aliaswavefront''s Maya homepage, there are few scripts you can download.

Max shift-copy edges, I can''t remember, what it really does. I normally shift copy primitives in Max but seldom does it on edges. for copy primites in Maya, look up duplicate, though I am not sure you can used them on edges.

Also I suggest you learn to get accustomed to MEL. Once you are comfortable with MEL, than you appreciate how much better Maya is compare to MAX.

As for Texporter, Maya 4 has that built in, so you don''t need any script or plug-ins, just go to UV editor, and take screenshot.

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