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Is there a C++ function that finds the GCF of two integers? If so what do I need to #include to use it? Thanks ahead of time.

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GCF? You mean GCD, greatest common divisor?

It's something like this:
// I didn't test this very much...

int gcd(int x, int y)
if (x < y) std::swap(x, y);

while (y != 0) {
int t = x%y;
x = y;
y = t;
return x;
And just for fun, here's some code that forces the compiler to calculate the GCD of two constants. There are no calculations at runtime
#define gcd(x, y) (gcd_t<x,y>::value)

template <int x, int y>
struct gcd_t
static const int next_x = y;
static const int next_y = x%y;
static const int guard = static_cast<int>(next_y != 0);

static const int value = (guard) ? (gcd_t<next_x*guard, next_y>::value)
: (next_x);
template <>
struct gcd_t<0, 0>
static const int value = 0;

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