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Which IDE to use for game development?

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Hi, I''m going to start some kind of bycicle race game. We are a group of 5 and have to decide on a 3d engine (opengl, dx). things look like dx at the moment, but what I''d like to know is, which IDE is best for game development with c/c++? is it ok to use visual studio 6.0 with c++, or should we better take visual studio .net and do our c++ things there? greets, barney

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Either should do. I have had almost no experience with either, but several people I have talked to have said that you don''t need .net unless you are doing .net stuff, and VC6 will do everything you need.

If you need info on D3D/OGL, check the link in my sig.

Also, you don''t _need_ MSVC at all, there are other compilers and IDE''s that will do the job quite nicely if you don''t want to shell out the money for MSVC. (DevC++, Borland Command Line Tools, DJGPP, etc)

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I really like MSVC 6. Been using it for a while now, and I enjoy the easy project organization and configurations. It also has some neat little switches for its compiler and linker, but those may be standard, I don''t know. However, it IS a Microsoft product, and as such, it will explode killing everyone inside from time to time. Very rarely, the compiler will write random garbage and otherwise mangle large parts of your source code, right before it automatically saves itself. This happens very rarely, so I wouldn''t let it scare me off. Backup often, or use SourceSafe or something.

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